American Robin – Dampened Spirits in the Rain


The Robins just returned to my part of the world on Monday. The day was sunny and warm. Tuesday was relatively nice too. It started to snow on Wednesday afternoon. This poor Robin was hunkered down on the patio, all puffed up with it’s wingtips lowered. I’ve read that this is a sign of aggression, but I think the robin was just trying to stay warm!


The next morning it was a winter wonderland. I spent an hour or so taking pictures and following all the animal tracks that had been left over night.

I really wish I was out taking photos of spring flowers instead….

The Feather Files
Name: Turdus migratorius
Alias: American Robin
Migration: The Robin breeds north to Alaska, across Canada, and southward to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the United States and into southern Mexico. Northern populations migrate.
Date Seen: June, 2016
Location: North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  1. The snow is beautiful, but By the end of March , I think everyone one, including the robin, must be ready for spring. April is always a little confused, isn’t? Hopefully spring is headed your way, soon. Thankfully, the little robin brought along its own down coat. I hope today’s sunshine ushers in your spring. 🙂


  2. I’ve seen a lot of robins for a few weeks. They all seem really plump (like your robin). It can’t all be fluffed up feathers, can it be? I wonder if the American Robin is experiencing the same increase in obesity rates as the American Citizen? 😉


  3. I always thought puffing-up was a sign of aggression. Our native robins are so different from yours in colouring. Red on the breast, yes, but more a dull brown on the wings and back; they do look a lot smaller as well.


  4. Brrrrr! Your fluffed up robin and the wintry scene make me feel cold again. That’s how good you are with words and photos. We have a projected freeze here tonight. Wish I could fluff up like your robin. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Once again, beautiful pictures. Poor Robin!! They arrived in southern Maine about 2 weeks ago and while the weather has gotten cooler we have not been covered in the white fluffies again (although, winter was so mild I am predicting a nor’easter w/snow in April!!


  6. Hi Margie–my brother and sister-in-law in Alberta had quite a dumping of snow this week…and Faye took a picture of Les (my brother) snowblowing the yard wearing boots and SHORTS! That’s my brother–once April comes he refuses to wear jeans anymore…I’m that way with sandals…Faye says that Les and I are ‘two peas in a pod’! Hope spring arrives soon for us all.


    • Yes, much of the province got this snow, though it was much heavier in the north and west. In a month or so my husband will put shorts on too, and will refuse to wear jeans again until October, no matter what the temperature is!


  7. You have funny weather over there ☃ ! Our Robins are happy in the garden.
    Although today the temperature is quite chilly and it is raining…

    Congrats Margie on your 40’000 views ☺☺☺


  8. I found a little yellow baby finch yesterday. He was just learning to fly. I hope the weather eases up so ll the fledglings can practice in good weather.


    • One of these days I’ll start posting all my spring flower pictures, and by that time you will all be posting summer flowers. By the time I post fall flowers – you’ll still be posting summer flowers!


  9. ~faints dead away~ You got snow! Wowsers. I sure enough thought the days a cold and snowy were by now. When is your last predicted frost? Bundle up and keep warm. Your robin looks like it could use a cup of cocoa. I agree I think birds fluff out like that to keep warm too.
    Wishing you a lovely and warm Easter Sunday. 🙂


    • Thanks E.C. and Happy Easter to you too. Our last frost free day can be about May 23, and the first frost in the fall is about September 15. It is a fairly small growing season!


  10. Poor thing. It looks so cold. The scrub jays that visit us sit on our railing, puff out their feathers (when it’s cold) and look into our window waiting for handouts. We have decided it is one of their ways to get our attention and sympathy (haha).



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