Bird on a Post – Waiting for Clearance to Fly

We were all ‘grounded’ this morning when a thick fog rolled in. Even the birds sat it out for a while – waiting for the fleeting fog to lift.


“Air Traffic Control says I have to just sit here in the fog. I’m not instrument-rated.”


“Heads up – I got a fleeting glimpse of the runway!”


“Ground Control – this is Little Bird Golf Echo Charlie, on the east fence post, ready for takeoff.”

When Paul Bunyan’s loggers roofed an Oregon bunkhouse with shakes, fog was so thick that they shingled forty feet into space before discovering they had passed the last rafter.
– Oregon: End of the Trail, “Tall Tales and Legends” –

Other bloggers interpret the word fleeting at: Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting


  1. Great catch, Margie. I love fog. Because we live so close to the ocean, fog is not an uncommon sight. In fact, after a hot and sunny afternoon, we were surprised that it was so foggy at the Oceanfront when we went for our ice cream this evening, we couldn’t even see the water from the Boardwalk. Guess a cool front moved in and hit that warm air.


    • We’re so far away from any body of water that fog is always a surprise.
      I would absolutely love walking along a boardwalk eating ice cream. Mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone – that is my very favourite. If I’m at Dairy Queen, then I have a Reese’s Peanut butter cup mini blizzard. (Now I’m going to have to check our deep freeze to see if there is any ice cream.)



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