Northern Cardinal – Dancing in the Sprinkler

This past spring, my Blue Potato Bush needed a good watering, so I turned on the sprinkler.


This piqued the interest of a female Northern Cardinal that was lunching on the seeds of a nearby Gopher Plant.


It didn’t take her long to decide this source of H2O was perfect for showering. She flew into the Potato bush, sat on a branch under the spray and was soon thoroughly drenched.

Then she flew up to the fence for a few moments of sunny warmth…

… then back down into the spray again!

A male Northern Cardinal is also a frequent visitor to our yard, though he hasn’t shown any interest when I turn on the ‘shower’!

The Feather Files
Name: Cardinalis cardinalis
Alias: Northern Cardinal
Migration: Cardinals don’t migrate. They can be found in eastern and central North America from southern Canada into parts of Mexico and Central America. They have been introduced into California, Hawaii and Bermuda.
Date Seen: April 3, 2016
Location: North of Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is H2O.


  1. I’m so jealous. There are no cardinals in the Denver area and there have been very few ever seen in Colorado. I really miss them. They were common around every other home I’ve ever had and were my favorite bird.


    • They are such fun birds to have around – kind of like having clowns in the yard.
      I moved all my bird posts to my new blog (the comments came too.) Most of the photos moved okay, but I ended up having to manually insert some of them. All in all it was a good idea, but took a while.

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